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Looking at the best way to help you deliver change

Why is Change Hard

Why is Change so Hard

In a world where the pace of change accelerates and the number of transformation programmes underway seems to increase year on year; it seems surprising that it becomes more awkward and difficult.  Why is change hard? There has been an awful lot of effort in larger organisations to address change

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Post Lockdown kickstart

Kick starting projects post lockdown

As organisations get to grips with a post lockdown world projects will restart. But it is unlikely that many projects will go back to a world the same as it was before lockdown.  All projects that were suspended because of the COVID19 pandemic will need to look at how they restart.  Some

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Founded in 2014 LogicTicks offer consultancy, training and mentoring across all aspects of project and change management.  The company name came from looking at the logical and common-sense way of delivering change. We cover all aspects of change whether that be projects, programmes, governance, methodologies or the PMO. We see each tip, tool and approach we have developed as a tick so collectively they are LogicTicks.

Being passionate about passing on our knowledge, skills and experience, means we bring enthusiasm to our projects.  We always are looking to extend our range of offerings and insist on injecting fun to our work.  Hence we seek to engage with all our customers enjoyably.   Whether they be individuals on training courses or the delivery of consultancy to corporate bodies.

LogicTicks was formed after many years of watching projects run into the same difficulties.  You are most likely familiar with the feeling of sitting in a steering meeting or board presentation having worked late into the night before. Feeling that you are armed with only some of the facts, having major concerns about risks and issues. That lack of control means your projects are at risk. How many projects do you see with a plan that does not support the timescales? Or change deliver the expected outcome. We can help provide a framework that means the whole portfolio has a common approach.  Meaning your portfolio will support your corporate goals.

So just how do you make projects work for you?  It’s a well-used term but you need to work smarter. Our consulting services, training, coaching/mentoring, and tools are all based on the premise of saving you time. The approach we take allows you to focus on the 20% that matters without dropping the ball on the other 80%.

Our consultancy services

We offer a complete service across projects and change management.  If you need to learn a topic or area of project, programme or portfolio management you can access one of our courses.  These will give you a good foundation and understanding.  The solutions can be applied in your own professional environment.  Where you have the underlying knowledge but are trying to solve specific situations or gain better understanding in a key area, we can support you with one to one monitoring.  For organisations we can offer consultancy, health checking and tailored training and mentoring for your staff.

We can underpin your delivery with skills, tools and techniques acquired and refined over 30 years of delivering projects. LogicTicks are helping to develop people who are involved in providing project solutions across a wide range of public sector and blue-chip organisations.