Courses Available

Getting to Grips with Project Planning

For anyone interested in improving their project planning skills.  Terms. Techniques and methods allowing you to drive your project with a solid plan

What is PMO

Understand the levels of PMO  (Project Management Office) and what services PMOs perform.  A good overview of PMOs.

Stakeholder Management & Engagement​

This course help you establish the stakeholders that will be involved in you project and the wider group affected by it.

Courses Coming Soon

Getting more from Project Audit

Aimed at PMO teams to assess projects.  Taking students through audit approach, templating your process and making measurable improvements

Using SharePoint to drive your PMO

Using the power of SharePoint to drive you PMO and provide timely reporting and Data Analysis.  Setting up templates and basic workflows

VBA Programming and MS Project​

Understand how to use VBA programming to share data with and from project plans.  Linking top you dashboard and other data outlets

Understanding Agile Project Management

An introduction to Agile Project Management and review of where Agile approach can be best used.  Comparing Agile and Waterfall approaches

Microsoft Project Never Ending Tips

Course covering the basics of Microsoft Project but a series of tips updates and suggested solutions added on a regular basis

Planned for future

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Total Guide to Managing Projects

Converting our 7 day classroom based course to online learning basis.  Looking at a mixture of project management approaches and techniques