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Why is Change Hard

Why is Change so Hard

In a world where the pace of change accelerates and the number of transformation programmes underway seems to increase year on year; it seems surprising that it becomes more awkward and difficult.  Why is change hard? There has been an awful lot of effort in larger organisations to address change

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Post Lockdown kickstart

Kick starting projects post lockdown

As organisations get to grips with a post lockdown world projects will restart. But it is unlikely that many projects will go back to a world the same as it was before lockdown.  All projects that were suspended because of the COVID19 pandemic will need to look at how they restart.  Some

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Stakeholder Engagement post Lockdown

Importance of Stakeholder Engagement post Lockdown

How will the COVID19 pandemic affect your project.  Is everything on hold and as a result are your stakeholders in the dark as to what might happen about your project. In the last few months stakeholders have had more pressing concerns. But for you to smoothly restart work it is a benefit

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Project Leadership

Aspects of good project leadership

Increasingly, the role of the Project Manager moves from a command and control manager to a leader and enabler.   This role change hopefully enables the team and customer to arrive at better solutions.  Organisations want to use the best approach along with the top set of tools and methods to

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Project Assumptions

Are your Project Assumptions what they need to be.

All projects start with some assumptions.  The assumptions will change during the life of a project.  The Project Assumptions you need to document control and monitor are those that support the successful completion of the project.    So why any assumptions? Projects cannot spend an endless phase confirming every fact

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Remote PMO Services

Time for the PMO to be Remote

Why has remote PMO been slow to take off.  A few decades ago, no one would have believed that something like a receptionist or personal assistant service could be done by anybody outside your office. A personal assistant needed to be in touch with that manager and that clearly this

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Top Posts

5 Ways to Improve Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement becomes increasingly important in all areas of business life.  Projects need to work closely with people to succeed.  But how can you expect the project team to meet all the demands of their stakeholder engagement expectations.   Agreeing a common understanding of stakeholder engagement Each group, and sometimes

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Becoming a data driven PMO

PMOs that collate data across all projects in their portfolio have a wealth of information. This can help to form the foundation of a data driven PMO.  Identifying key additional data that allows meaningful analysis is key to progress.  Going on to use this pool to establish how well projects

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SharePoint as a PMO tool

SharePoint when used correctly can be a useful and productive collaboration tool.  It can allow projects and programmes to manage and share data while controlling their own access and security.   A mistake many organisations make when moving to SharePoint is using it as simply a shared drive. SharePoint can of

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Do you get the most from your RAID log

All projects should have some form of RAID Log. (Usually covering Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies).  The default tool seems to be a spreadsheet, usually Microsoft Excel.  Another common theme is that RAID logs are populated at the beginning of the project and the rate of maintenance drops as the

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