BREXIT and the Project Log Jam

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BREXIT impact on projects

As the transition period for BREXIT gets close so will the pressures on project teams increase. What will be the BREXIT effect on your Projects. With organisations delaying some key change on the basis of being more certain what transition will bring means that in Late 2018 and early 2019 there will be a bigger shortfall than normal for project management skills.

Resource Planning for BREXIT

With the availability of project resource reducing and demand increasing those organisations that plan ahead will be best placed to minimise the impact of BREXIT on their projects.

BREXIT Project Resource Demand map

This does not mean hiring people in advance, although that could be one approach.  Making some longer term plans and arranging with contract staff and resource providers early could remove some of the headaches that many organisations will face.  Enabling options that allow you to obtain key project staff quickly will have to reduce some risk.

Managing the Pipeline

Carefully managing the pipeline of projects and work will help to keep focus.  This, on first glance, sounds easy.  But there will be a list of must have projects that could easily exceed your capacity to deliver them.  But rather than wait and react to the potential issues, it is better to preplan the changes allowing the best use of limited resource.  Reviewing and challenging low value projects now will ease the pressures as we get close to cut over.

The status of BREXIT talks so far means there will be a range of things that could remain uncertain up to and beyond April 2019.  So plan where you can and work on options that will reduce stress and panic after the change.

The pipeline of extra work will fall into 2 major categories:  Those things that must be done as a result of the BREXIT agreements.  And those opportunities that could be made from a new position.  Ideally your organisation will want to do both to make the best of the situation. Reducing the BREXIT effect on your Projects

Keeping your pipeline assessment flexible, with the ability to change focus quickly is a good basis on which to proceed.  With the end result being uncertain, medium and long term planning will only have an unstable basis.

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