The Changing Role of the Project Manager

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AI Project Managers

With the pace of change ever increasing and the approach methods for projects developing all the time, change is a constant for project managers.  The looming use of AI and machine learning also means that automated systems will better handle the routine part of project management.  What does this mean for the project manager of today and where these trends might take us.  How is the role of project managers changing.

How Many Hats should Project Managers wear

Just what is expected of project managers. The range of possible roles expected of them increases:

  • Administrator
  • Planner
  • Cost controller
  • Team leader
  • Benefits manager
  • Business enabler
  • Change leader
  • Scrum master
  • Lean expert
  • Agile evangelist
  • Stakeholder coordinator

With such a wide range of expectations on the project manager, to be effective they must focus on the few elements that make the biggest difference.  Will improved automation help in juggling expectation.

Delivering Value

For project managers to deliver best value, they need to focus on the areas that give best return on their time.  Given the long list of possible things project managers should do, this is not an easy task. The best combination of effort will change between organisations and even change between projects in the same organisation.

The project managers that can spread the load and make best use of the tools are well positioned to offer good value from their work.  So, embracing new tools offered by AI can allow project managers to focus on core areas where they can give the best return on their efforts.

What does the future hold

It seems the future of Project Management will increasingly involve AI and data analysis tools.  The best project managers will make effective us of these tools. Far from being a threat; the current direction of tools is likely to reduce or remove overhead on project managers.  Most project managers would jump at the chance to automatically track costs, progress, risks.

So, providing you can adjust to the new working methods it would seem project management roles can become more rewarding.  The changing role of project managers can enhance the current job and will call on a range of new skills for future projects.

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