BREXIT Service

The recent BREXIT vote will no doubt be causing confusion amongst businesses. This confusion may manifest itself in a temporary freeze on investment and recruitment.  This will directly affect the projects that are in your pipeline and possible creating the need to adjust projects in flight. Your PMO will need to adjust expectations and this will involve a degree of scenario planning.  Does the PMO they have the capacity and skills to deliver the options in a timely manner. The traditional recruitment for PMO services is from:

  1. Permanent Employees
  2. Contractor Resource
  3. Consultancy Companies already engaged in a delivery or advisory capacity.

Given the uncertainty caused by the UK vote to leave the EU many companies will be putting a freeze on permanent recruitment. BREXIT mean you will need to carefully consider investment in Contractor or Consultancy resource. However, companies will also know that a certain amount of investment is needed to stay or get ahead of the competition or maintain service levels.

Is there an alternative to the above 3 options? We at LogicTicks believe that our PMO Bridging Service can offer companies a valuable and cost effective option.

What is a PMO Bridging Service?

LogicTicks can offer highly skilled, experienced  and talented  personnel who can provide a valuable respite to a period of economic uncertainty by offering;

  1. A remote or onsite PMO service that is totally independent of any incumbent staff or consultancy organisation. If your organisation uses a Consultancy that already provide a delivery or advisory service, then using them as a PMO is potentially a conflict of interest. They have a stake in their reputation within the organisation to be able to deliver. This can lead to them either massaging management information to make their efforts look more positive.  Furthermore it can even misleading your company’s management about the real status of the delivery function.  LogicTicks can help you to avoid this and will provide direct, straightforward and independent management information plus effective project controls.
  2. Assessments of the current capability of your project management organisation (people, processes and systems) to be able to effectively deliver and an action plan to create ongoing improvements. These services will be offered at competitive rates which will more than pay for themselves by providing more cost effective use of your people, systems and project management processes. The duration of the arrangement is a matter for discussion but is aimed at steering you in the right direction so that you are in a position to ride out the period of economic uncertainty or recession.