PMO Assessment

Measuring you current PMO maturity and providing a basis for improvement

The LogicTicks Project Delivery and PMO Assessment is designed to measure your current PMO performance against a simple maturity model.  Our assessment process has been formulated from decades of experience in the evaluation of project, programmes and portfolios and the tuning of PMOs to service the execution of effective project delivery.


Our assessment process is illustrated in the graphic above.  All of our PMO assessments start with a clear definition of the scope and depth that you, as the client, requires.

We start all engagements by defining the volume of projects and programmes to be included and the depth of analysis required.  Working with clients confirming which aspects of the PMO are to be measured.

Once a base term of reference has been established and agreed, project and programme data can be collected with samples of plans, RAID logs and other key project control documents gathered into our SharePoint analysis site. From this we can establish trends and performance hotspots, plus identify gaps and areas for improvement.  Information gathered here will provide the basis for detailed feedback on each project and programme included in the assessment.

After the initial data has been loaded a representative sample of PMO, Project Delivery and Stakeholder staff can be selected and interviews carried out to establish how projects are managed, how stakeholders feel about performance and what steps the PMO needs to complete to assist and improve projects.  During this time, we also review the governance structure used and the project life cycle together with the methods used for project delivery.

We will review initial findings with the individual or group that commissioned the assessment and the final report will then outline recommended actions and any suggestions for improvement.

Finally, we can help to formulate a plan to improve or refine your PMO, based on the recommendations we make. Alternatively, as a part of our PMO Assurance Service, we can work with you on a longer term engagement to guide you to reach an agreed maturity level for the target operating model for your portfolio and PMO.