PMO Assurance

Underpinning your PMO processes

Our PMO Assurance Service is designed to monitor and guide your Project Delivery and PMO towards the level of performance and service your organisation is aiming towards. Typically we will agree a set of goals over a set time scale and independently measure progress towards targets; bridging knowledge and skills gaps in your current team when they start to appear.

To assist our assurance process, we use a number of data gathering tools to allow us to measure the effectiveness of project plans, quality of risk management and other core project management functions.  This enables us to measure the confidence of delivery in projects and programmes as well as highlight hotspots where actions can be taken to reduce the impact of issues in a proactive way.


Once the target position has been established, and the split of on and off site activities defined, a regular engagement cycle is established that reviews data from projects, programmes and the PMO.  Our tool-set will use this data to highlight areas of concern that should be addressed. Personal reviews with your individual team members can define the actions that might be required.  As a minimum part of each review cycle we will measure progress against planned steps to achieve an agreed target performance and report this back to yourselves, as Client Management, and to your PMO, where there is already in place as a governance function.

Depending on the scope of assurance agreed we can offer either a virtual remote PMO function or simply monitor activities over a period of time to give an objective view of performance and experience guidance.

LogicTicks is happy to discuss a service that is tailored to you from any combination of our options.