Winners in the Project Managers Race

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We recently posted the video on PM Race in YouTube, really looking at different approaches taken by people when managing their projects. Those are only a small selection of the characters that can be encountered in the world of project management. We would all like to take the winning role and select the appropriate controls and communicate effectively with our stakeholders. The real world is not that simple and most project managers have worked in a blend of the roles we suggest in the video below.

We seek to help individual and teams to be more like the lean and focused approach of the owl. Pressure of deadlines and the range of personalities from our stakeholders means that we do sometimes have to crash the schedule and take risks.

Continued focus on only working on controls that help us complete the project and keep the team focused on building to requirement allows the best result. Occasionally pushing the boundaries can deliver additional benefit but at a risk.

For all project managers and indeed all managers it is interesting to consider what character you are and what character you need to be to get the job done.

From time to time we have all been in a place where we are doing something that takes away from progressing effectively and smoothly toward the end goal. It might be trying to impress those key people, or rushing some items through to maintain progress. It could even be that a dogmatic application of the rules slows progress.

So in conclusion we recommend only working on those things that help you complete the project. Limiting the events where you step beyond the boundary to those in which you can establish solid opportunity and benefit to that action.